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Teresa Whitaker, once a licensed landscape design build contractor in California, she realized that her passion is in the planning of landscapes through the drawing of plans and client relationships. Creative Landscapes Detroit is a design and planning business. Now in Michigan for over 20 years, Teresa has served thousands of clients from architects, builders, homeowners to landscape installers in the process of drawing buildable smart plans for residential properties. Her approach is clean lines, simplicity, minimalist and low maintenance. Teresa does custom hand drawing, well thought out to every detail and very buildable. Services to include upon need, landscape drawing and design, planning, and coordination and project management with architects, builders and landscape installers. 


The core goal is to design plans that fulfil the optimal outdoor living space and movement for the needs of the client and to highlight the architecture of a home by creating pleasing and useful designs. Teresa is not about selling plants but enhancing properties. Her approach is more minimalist and cost conscious. Trial and error and having done thousands of projects, she is an expert in the field of landscape design for function and aesthetics. She designs gardens, patios, walkways, motor courts, court yards, accessory Landscape features, such as, lighting, swimming pools, location of equipment and follows city codes when implementing any design. 
Step one, she discusses the project by phone, Step two meeting on site, Step three establishes an agreed budget and retainer for the design fee, Step four she commences to create a preliminary design and the Final step is the colored labeled plan with plants called out and other features.  Owner, Teresa Whitaker, has a beautiful portfolio of work. Please look through the links on this site to see her work and reviews. She does every size project, including wetland drawings, permit and administrative work for complex projects. Teresa’s designs are well thought out to every detail and very buildable.


"We hired Creative Landscapes Detroit to design a landscape plan for the front of our house and side yard.  My husband and I had very different ideas about what we wanted and Theresa was able to listen to us and come up with a design that we both love.  We are very happy with the end result and have gotten many, many compliments on the work.  The job was done in a timely manner, and she has checked in from time to time to answer any lingering questions about the plants/trees etc.  We would hire her again in a heartbeat!"

Anne Arnegard

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